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Cross Country Boots - Veredus Boots

Your horse needs just as much protection as you do during high impact activities such as Cross Country.  It is important that you have the correct protection that works well for your your horse. Your horse’s legs must be protected not only from obstacles but also their own hooves, over-extending and hitting their leg in front could cause serious damage.  

The most important feature of a cross country boot is that they help to absorb any impact or shock should your Horse or Pony’s legs come in to contact with a cross country jump and also provide protection to the Tendon from over reaching.

We supply a range of different cross country boots that are all lightweight, strong and comfortable, providing the best protection for your horse.  Here at Discount Equestrian we have a wide range of brands and styles of Cross Country boots available including Woof Wear, Weatherbeeta, Veredus, Lemieux and Equick, all at great prices!

The range of cross country boots that we stock include boots with 360-degree protection for the horse and boots which shape to the horse’s leg for a natural fit.  Most modern cross country boots are designed with lightness and flexibility in mind, some are even made up with multiple layers allowing air to flow through helping to keep the legs and importantly tendons cool.  Most boots are also typically waterproof or at least designed to absorb minimal water.

It is important not to overlook providing the best safety equipment possible for your Horse or Pony, this includes whether your competing in a cross country event or just out on a hack in the country.  All the Cross-Country boots that we stock are secure, supportive and quick and easy to put on and adjust, along with being easily washable and quick drying. 


For over 25 years Veredus has been passionately committed to producing the very best in horse boots. The Veredus horse boots are used by some of the worlds top riders including Marcus Ehning, Ben Maher, Billy Twomey and Ulla Saltzberger.  If you were for instance to watch the FEI World Championships you will notice a long list of top riders using Veredus Boots.  Their consistent new developments using advanced technology, leading-edge raw materials, accuracy and attention to detail are what makes the Veredus Horse Boot ranges unique.

The most popular boots are made up of two main ranges : The Nero Line which is aimed at jumping purposes and the Piaffe Line which is aimed at dressage use.  The Nero Line includes popular boots such Carbon Gel Tendon Boots, Pro Jump, Grand Prix, Young Jump, Carbon Sheild and also the latest Carbon Gel Vento Tendon Boots.  The Piaffe line includes boots such as the Piaffe Evo, Piaffe Revolution and Piaffe Sheild.  

Veredus have recently introduced the E-Vento cross country boots, they took over two years to develop along with having input at the design stage from some of the worlds top riders on perfecting the best cross country boot.  The boots are very lightweight, feature ventilation and have added slick material to aid legs in sliding over jumps.

Another great investment is the Veredus Magnetik Boot range which includes a large aray of boots including Magnetik Stable Boots, Hoof Boots, Hock Boots and the Veredus Magnetik 4 Hours Boots which stimulate blood and tissue that bit quicker, often used prior to excercise and competition getting the tensons and muscles ready for work.  The staff here at Discount Equestrian have all invested in at least one of the Veredus Magnetik products, a set of the stable boots for example designed to be left on for longer periods are very handy to have.  There is also a Magnetik rug available which can be used in the stable or outside as an underrug.

Veredus have broadened their product range with the addition of Horse Care, Hoof Care, Grooming, Fly protection and Leather Care products.  Like anything Veredus they are made using the finest materials along with a long period of development and testing

If you require any advice on have any questions please give us a call on 01429 864112 or pop us an email at info@discount-equestrian.co.uk



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