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Grazing Muzzles

Grazing Muzzles are an invaluable piece of equipment for many during the spring and summer months.  Put simply, like ourselves some Horses and Ponies put on weight quicker and easier than others, putting on too much weight can lead to further sometimes serious problems developing.  Horses can quickly put on weight with daily access to lush sugar rich spring/summer grass. 

Obviously it’s important for your horse to be turned out and not restricted to a stable.  It’s important they are allowed to exercise, stretch their legs and socialise, it reduces boredom and is important for their physical and psychological wellbeing.  The Grazing Muzzle is designed to help lower the amount of grass your horse or pony can intake whilst being turned out.  This will help with the dilemma of allowing sufficient periods of turnout while not wanting your horse to become overweight.

Grazing Muzzles usually fit on to the horse in similar way to a headcollar, the muzzle section that fits over and around their mouth is made of webbing, rubber and/or plastic.  It is important to fit your muzzle correctly, remember they do wear it for a while so it must be comfortable.  Make sure the muzzle is not too loose so it could potentially slide over the nose, also remember they often have a go at removing it themselves while in the field.  Make sure the muzzle is not too tight, it should have room around the nose and mouth and not restrict the movements of eating or drinking.  You will also see in our range Comfort Grazing Muzzles, these usually have extra padding or sheepskin around the nose section making it more comfortable and help to avoid rubbing.

Other things worth checking includes your field and fencing.  Take a look and determine whether you think it is likely your horse will get the muzzle caught up with the fencing or something else in the field.  Also remember if he or she is new to a muzzle, monitor the water intake.  They should be able to drink quite comfortably whilst wearing a muzzle but yours could be one of the few who struggle.

With the right use, grazing muzzles can be a very useful addition to your feed and grazing management, providing freedom of turnout whilst keeping control of those extra calories.

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