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Tail & Poll Guards

Tail Hair Protection

The majority of Tail guards are made with a nylon material, there are some Tail Guards available made from neoprene which has a slightly snugger fit and if anything helps keep it more secure. 

As standard they are designed to just to cover the top area of the tail around the dock, covering down to around a foot below this.  They do also often come with either a separate fixable, or attached tail bag which is designed to cover the remainder of the tail to help keep it clean. 

Many people use tail guards, tail bags or bandages.  Sometimes people use a mixture of two or three of these products, it’s really down to what works for you.  The biggest issue with either of these methods is keeping it in place should your horse or pony actually start to rub so the tail guard can continue to offer some protection to the horses tail hair. 

Tail guards are also typically padded by design, this padding provides further protection particularly whilst travelling as when the horse braces or falls back against a bar or wall it helps protect from bruising.

Sometimes Horses and Ponies can have a tendency to rub their tails against walls, fences, doors and often horseboxes and trailers whilst travelling.  There are quite a few reasons for this, it could possibly just be a slight itch and nothing to worry about, if it persists its likely a reaction to something and a problem you need to remedy. 

The area around the top of the tail is quite sensitive and open to a number of reasons for tail rubbing or scratching.  Common problems could be down to a product such as a mane and tail detangler being applied to the tail or the tail being plaited, sometimes they have a reaction to a products or it causes their skin to dry out, they may not like the feeling of their tail being plaited.  Other reasons could be down to pinworm, sweet itch, an allergic reaction to something such as hay, shavings or straw, it could even be a dirty udder or sheath.

Sometimes finding the cause of your horses or pony’s tail rubbing can be quite frustrating, after all you want to find a solution to the problem quickly because it is quite disheartening seeing your horse or pony in discomfort and also seeing their beautiful long tail hair being rubbed out.

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