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Compositi Stirrups

When you are in the saddle, you want to feel secure, with close contact to the horse and your feet relaxed and able to flex as needed. You may not give much thought to what your stirrups contribute to your riding, but in fact, with the right stirrups, you can enhance your position, secure footing and in turn, improve your riding. Since 1980, Compositi have been designing and distributing specialist riding equipment for the comfort and safety of riders.

Compositi Stirrups are reinforced with glass fibre, they are designed to offer exceptional shock absorption using with a swivel sole and tread to help relieve the tension from the knees and joints. Discount Equestrian offer fantastic prices on the Compositi Stirrup range including the Compositi Profile, Compositi Reflex Stirrups and Compositi Jockey Racing Stirrups.

Each stirrup is uniquely designed with a slender profile which allows quick release of the foot should it be required, easy to clean and maintain, they will quickly become an essential part of your riding tack.

Ideal for every rider, from children through to professionals, Compositi stirrups offer outstanding shock absorption under a range of challenges faced by riders including wet and cold weather.

To innovate your riding, order a pair of Compositi Stirrups from Discount Equestrian today.

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