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Freejump Stirrups & Leathers

Freejump - Why Use Anything Else

Freejump products are built on years of research and development, these products are not simply an idea quickly brought to market. In fact over 10 years of R&D went in to the Freejump stirrup design and materials used, providing invaluable information about the mechanical impact and constraints stirrups are under.

This led to the two weights or weight classifications the Freejump stirrups are available in. The Pro version, often described as the adult version uses a steel throughout the over moulded stirrup providing added strength for extra weight. The Soft Up Lite often called the child's version uses a lighter weight fibreglass polyamide.

Both the steel and fibreglass branches used actually flex under weight, this adds an enormous benefit for the horse and rider in that it softens the shock on the joints and back. The stirrups are designed to sit slightly tilted towards the rear which aids in the natural foot position whilst riding. This feature was born out of over 2 years of research with Eric Navet, Rodrigo Pessoa and Ludger Beerbaum.

The rearward angle of the Freejump's stirrups eye is the key to a better leg's position bringing the foot's toe inwards. Apart from the funky design and many striking colours that Freejump stirrups are available in, by far the largest draw to the product is safety. The stirrups perform in a very similar way to conventional safety stirrups in that the outside branch is designed to flex outwards and/or backwards, in extreme cases snap off completely. This allows the foot to release from the stirrup when under pressure. A lot of questions Grip - If you ask riders who have taken up using Freejump's, the vast majority will comment on the sheer grip and support these stirrups provide over ordinary offerings. Freejump actually used technology from the downhill mountain bike industry whilst developing the grip section. Stirrup Leathers - Freejump have of created a range of single strap stirrup leathers with a single eye opening specifically to work with the stirrups, the open loop on the stirrup branch allows easy fit and removal of the leathers to and from the stirrups. The leathers do look unusual compared to standard leathers but they do include features, quite usefull ones! The inside of the leather features Velcro pads which you can attach either leather faced or rubber faced pads designed for extra grip against your saddle, helping you to keep your leg position. The combined use of Freejump Stirrups and Leathers also positions the stirrups outwards in the correct position automatically allowing quick retrieval of the stirrup should you lose it, rather than trying to flick your stirrup back outwards so you can insert your foot. I know first hand how this helps half way round a showjumping coarse.

Freejump Leathers are made using an environmentally friendly allergy free vegetable tanning process for a much deeper, richer colour Freejumps product range does not stop at stirrups and leathers, their range is considered fairly small but is certainly perfectly formed. Their introduction of the Liberty Evo Boots and Liberty Chaps combination was a first for fully integrated matching boots and half chaps. This soft leather duo is designed for the utmost in fit and comfort featuring many enhancements over standard long riding boots and endorsed by many top riders all over the world. The Liberty Evo boots have many features such as a front zip and soft elasticated leather along with 3 spur positions just to name a few.

The latest product recently introduced by Freejump is the New Collar. The collar is designed to aid riders riders who may struggle keeping hands still and helps provide a more consistent contact and pressure between hand and the bit. The New Collar is fully adjustable to find the optimum position for the riders natural position. The product has already proved successful in aiding a member of staffs young daughter here in hand positioning and softness. Although Freejump products may be a little more pricey than some people would like to pay, however we have found them through personal use and recommendation to be worth every penny. If you require any further information on the Freejump range or some first hand advice please drop us a line.

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