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Hows Racesafe Body Protectors

Hows Racesafe are still to this day a family run business that was established over 40 years ago. To date Racesafe have been at the forefront of equestrian safety body protectors used by jockeys, competition and pleasure riders alike all manufactured in their Northamptonshire factory. Hows Racesafe are also proud sponsors of the Team GBR Eventing Juniors. Their hugely popular RS2010 body protectors are certified to EN13158:2009 (Level 3) & BETA 2009 (Level 3) safety standards. If your after the best safety, fit and comfort a body can provide then Racesafe products cannot be overlooked.

Many top riders have chosen Hows Racesafe, if you watch Badmington or Bramham you will notice a long list of top riders choosing a Racesafe around the cross country stage. Hows Racesafe are also proud sponsors of the Team GBR Eventing Juniors. With products ranging from the traditional to cutting edge innovation, Hows Racesafe are dedicated to being at the forefront of development ensuring equestrian sport is continually made safer for all involved.

Their roots started with safety vests primarily for horse racing use but they have consistantly developed there range introducing the latest RS Jockey Vest which is extremley lightweight and manufactured to the latest standards. The RS2010 has been hugley popular over the years with eventers and cross country riders, wether pro or amateur you want the very best in safety, the RS2010 of course should be used by any rider. Whenever your in the saddle you should wear a body protector, whether jumping, schooling or out for a leisurely hack.

With the introduction of air jackets in recent years Racesafe have partnered with Point Two Pro to create the P2-RS Hybrid. This is a mixture of the RS 2010 body protector and Point Two air jacket, if you have a fall you have the reasurance of always having the body protector but added safety of the air jacket inflating. This covers cross country competition requirments as they require you must where a body protector. The other option of course which many people choose is to wear a RS2010 and a seperate air jacket over the top.

The latest edition by Racesafe is the Provent 3.0, which offers the same Beta Level 3 as the RS2010 but features ventilation through the protector material as well as being lighter in weight.

Racesafe are also well renound for the manufacture of custom racing colours along with accompying hat silks. They have also branched out to provide this service for event shirts along with matching hat silks to make your Jockey Skull cap really stand out from the crowd. If your fussy about colours and how they fit in to your competition ensembl then Racesafe having over 22 colours and numerous patterns should meet your requirments.

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