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Point Two Air Jackets

Point Two Air Jackets - Nothing is more important than safety while in the saddle. Sadly, riding is a dangerous sport, although, luckily, fatal injuries are rare, a fall could lead to a serious injury. Protecting yourself is the best way to help reduce the risk of sustaining an injury should you fall while riding.
The Point Two Air Jacket is your assurance of a safer ride.

First released into the market in 2009, the Point Two Air Jacket has prevented serious injury in numerous riders and has saved the lives of many others. Eventer Laura Collett fell from her horse during the Cross Country phase of a ODE, instantly inflating as she fell. Prevented from sustaining serious spinal injury, paramedics stated that the Point Two jacket saved her life.

The Point Two Air Jacket is not just for competitive riders. They are suitable for everyone, from children on ponies, professional riders or occasional hackers looking for an extra measure of safety.

The range includes original ProAir vest or the P2-RS - the only integrated combination of a BETA Level 3 body protector and air jacket (approved for use in competition). When the rider falls, a canister of C02 which is stored on the front of the jacket is activated when the lanyard it is attached to the saddle with is released. The air bags inflate within one tenth of a second absorbing shock, distributing pressure, absorb shock and supporting the spinal column and collar of the neck and trunk.

As with any safety wear, your Point Two Air Jacket should be correctly fitted and adjusted prior to riding. For any advice on selecting riding hats or body protectors, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice.

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