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Animalife Vetroflex Original

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Vetroflex Original is a targeted supplement containing a completely natural proprietary peptide blend of hydrolysed collagen to support strong, flexible and healthy joints and bones. Vetroflex Original has been scientifically formulated to help horses and ponies maintain supple movement and flexibility. Vetroflex Original is free from banned ingredients and is safe to use with the performance horse.

How it works

Supporting healthy cartilage in your horse’s joints, ligaments and tendons is fundamental to performance in equines, however wear and tear can occur at any age and active equines are particularly susceptible.

Cartilage protects the horse’s joints and bones from friction caused by everyday movement. The articular cartilage forms a hard slippery coating on the end of each bone. It contains collagen and proteoglycans that interweave with the collagen to form a mesh-like tissue allowing cartilage to flex and absorb physical shock. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It provides the structural matrix for bones, joints and connective tissue and is therefore an essential component of joint care, health and mobility.

Vetroflex Orginal has been scientifically formulated to create the optimum blend of amino acids to mimic the structural components of cartilage and stimulate collagen production by chondrocytes embedded in the extra-cellular matrix.

Vetroflex Original is a pure peptide protein complex that has been scientifically formulated to ensure rapid and maximal absorption to enable your horse to strengthen and protect the joint.

Vetroflex Original works by protecting cartilage and synovial fluid against deterioration whilst stimulating the cartilage cells to promote more collagen and proteoglycans. Vetroflex Original has the same amino acid composition as collagen and supplies the amino acids such as glycine and proline, of particular importance for the synthesis of collagen.

What it does

  • Provides the building blocks (peptides) for the natural biosynthesis of joint cartilage.
  • Offers rapid and maximal absorption.
  • Supports horses that are prone to stiffness or reduced performance levels.
  • Supports the body’s natural ability to maintain joint, bone, ligament and connective tissue health.
  • Supports the natural ageing process.
  • Represents a unique and proven approach to managing joint health and performance.
  • Free from banned substances.
  • Offers a safe form of support, which can be used long term.
  • Nothing compares with Vetroflex, works like Vetroflex or delivers results like Vetroflex.


How to use

Feed Vetroflex Original every day, on a long-term basis, to all horses, particularly those that show signs of stiffness and reduced performance levels. Vetroflex Original supports the maintenance of suppleness and flexibility in every equine.


Vetroflex Original is a palatable, fine white powder that can be mixed into your horse’s daily feed. Vetroflex Original contains an all-natural proprietary peptide blend of hydrolysed collagen formulated with the unique Specially Optimised Bioavailable Formula (SOBF) technology to ensure optimal absorption. Free from banned substances.

A Complementary Feedingstuff for Horses


Analytical Constituents

Crude Protein 100% Crude Oils & Fats 0.05% Crude Fibre 0.3%

Crude Ash 0.2% Sodium 0.03%


Composition – Proprietary peptide blend of hydrolysed collagen


Maximise results with Vetroflex Original

In the field, professionals and Veterinarians have found that horses feel an effect in 2 - 4 weeks, while others may feel an effect in 6 - 8 weeks longer. For fast results, or for those in need, use a loading serve of Vetroflex Original (double daily serve) for up to 10 days.


500g - 25 days supply*

1000g - 50 days supply*

2000g - 100 days supply*

*Based on a horse weighing up to 600kg on a daily 20g maintenance serve.

What is Vetroflex Original and how is it given?

It is a fine powder, which is administered orally and is best mixed with feed.

How soon will my horse feel an effect from Vetroflex Original?

It varies depending on your horse, the rate at which they metabolise the ingredients, and if the horse has recently been given any other products prior to being given Vetroflex. However, we find that Vetroflex provides a noticeable effect within 2 to 4 weeks, although some horses may take longer to respond; perhaps 6 to 8 weeks or longer. You should use a loading serve of Vetroflex for fast results. To do this, use a double-daily serve for up to 10 days.

What about side effects?  

There are NO SIDE EFFECTS with Vetroflex!  Vetroflex provides the body with collagen, which is a naturally occurring protein, to help support cartilage production. This is a natural process in the body, which is balanced with the degradation of old cartilage and occurs continuously throughout life. Vetroflex is free from banned substances and can be used safely in the long term.

What are Vetroflex Original’s key ingredients?

Vetroflex Original is a targeted supplement containing a completely natural proprietary peptide blend of hydrolysed collagen to support strong, flexible and healthy joints and bones. The function of hydrolysed collagen has been studied extensively and has achieved GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe) status, a strict standard set by the Food and Drug Administration, which requires scientific demonstration of safety and tolerability.

How long can I give my horse Vetroflex Original for?

Vetroflex can be fed long-term and will provide greater effect the longer it is used.


How should I store Vetroflex Original?

Store in a cool place
Keep out of direct sunlight
Do not freeze
Use plastic containers and applicators, not metal ones
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