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Bucas Sweet Itch Rug

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Bucas Zebra Sweet Itch Rug 

The Bucas Sweet Itch Rug has been designed with a fabric that stops the smallest of insects in their tracks.  Bucas have paid a great deal of attention to the tail and mane areas ensuring that they are protected to prevent the itch – scratch cycle that is synonymous with Sweet Itch.

The Sweet Itch from Bucas is the first of its kind, the revolutionary material helps prevent your beloved horse from being bitten by the tiniest of insects and flies.  The material has also been developed with UV protection for horses, preventing sunburn and stopping the coat from getting bleached.

The Bucas Sweet Itch has made an addition to the ever popular Bucas Buzz Off range, the now famous Bucas Zebra stripe prevents the smallest biting mites, culicoides midge population, from making contact on the horse.  When it comes to Sweet Itch, prevention is the best form of cure.  If you can cover and protect your horse prior to the oncoming midge biting season it will no doubt provide the best form of defence to this awful, sometimes unbearable condition.

The rug has been designed as a full body cover, featuring a a neck that reaches up to the ears and covers the whole mane area.  The rug also features an elasticated, detachable belly flap which covers from the elbow to the sheath, offering protection to the horse’s whole body.  Comfort is also important so Bucas have included shoulder darts to enable easy movement for the horse plus the generous tail flap covers a hugely problematic location thus preventing the smaller flies reaching the tail.  Bucas have added leg straps to help keep the rug where it needs to be throughout the horses long hours or days out in the field.  To add to the comfort factor Bucas have included an overlapping, padded and lined front to the rug, ensuring your horse stays comfortable no matter how long he/she needs to wear it.

We feel this Bucas rug like any other rug from the Bucas range will provide a sound investment and provide you the confidence that you have made the best possible choice for your horses well being.

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