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Equine America Airways Xtra Powder (500g)

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With its powerful aroma Airways(R) Xtra Strength Powder opens the airways and eases breathing. Airways(R) Xtra Strength Powder should be used daily with the feed when horses are stabled and the dust from bedding and hay causes irritation, and may cause the horse to cough at the beginning of exercise.

Airways(R) Xtra Strength Powder is ideal for any horse or pony experiencing low level respiratory discomfort or discharge - a 'snotty' nose.

When should you feed Airways(R) Xtra Strength Powder?

  • Feed during the summer to horses / ponies sensitive to pollen and dust in the air or arenas.
  • Feed during the winter to horses / ponies being stabled for long periods of time, exposing them to dust and spores.


How does it work?

Airways(R) Xtra Strength Powder contains essences of oils associated with clearing and opening the airways.  The mentol and vapours will not only dilate the airways but soothe low level irritation and encourage deep breathing.  Airways(R) Xtra Strength Powder will encourage a break down of nasal mucus and leave airways clear and the horse / pony more willing to work.

Feeding Directions:

For an average 500kg horse, feed 14gm daily with the horse's regular feed.  Feed others according to body weight, less for smaller horse's and ponies, more for larger breeds.

Size: 454g (31 servings)

Product Ref: AIP

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