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LeMieux Pro Ice Inserts - Pair

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Lemieux ProIce Inserts - Suitable for use with the ProIce boot, as additional liner for prolonged treatment.

* Unique Hypofreeze Gel is retained in strategically placed pockets to avoid slumping within the boot.
* Gel remains soft and contours to lower limb ensuring maximum surface contact with skin.
* Soft mesh lining protects skin from freeze burn, whilst allowing maximum transfer of cold.

Sold As: A pair of additional inserts

Note:always use cold therapy in conjunction with veterinary advice. In more severe cases consult your vet immediately.

Instructions for Use
Place boots or inserts in freezer for minimum 4-6hrs or overnight prior to application.
Use in short 20-30min sessions/ multiple times daily in severe cases. Place securely on leg with 'joint cup' under back of fetlock. Ensure straps are firmly closed, but not over tight.

Maintenance & Management
Regular use of ProIce boots for short periods (20-30mins) after intense exercise can prevent small injuries developing and ensure ligaments, tendons & joints remain tight and free of oedema. The sooner temperatures of tendons can be reduced after work the better. This can apply to high intensity dressage as well as galloping, jumping & x-country. Use of ProIce boots can prevent the onset of localised swelling, heat & pain resulting in possible unsoundness.

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