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MagicBrush Care & Shine Care Spray Paradise 300ml

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MagicBrush - Care&Shine Paradise - Almond Oil

Care&Shine – Paradise – Almond Oil: nourishing almond oil for a silky shine and healthy fur

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Almond oil
  • Macadamia nut oil
  • Castor oil
  • No silicones


The efficient & natural horse care spray for mane, tail and fur

Care&Shine was specially developed for usage on mane, tail & fur. The exceptional

combination of 100% natural ingredients loosens knots, makes brushing easier

while providing nourishing care for your horse.


Nourishing Vitamins

The nourishing vitamins in the Care&Shine care spray support healthy hair growth and assist the change of coatFree of siliconesCare&Shine provides a natural and wonderfully silky shine.


Dust- and dirt-repellent effect

The MagicBrush care spray also has a dust- and dirt-repellent effect. The

spray is suitable for every type of horse hair.


Low spraying sound

Thanks to the particularly low spraying sound and the fine spraying mist, the spray can be easily used even with sensitive horses.


360° spray bottle for easy and efficient usage

The bottle sprays in all positions - 360° -, making usage easy and efficient. Thanks to the new spray nozzle, consumption of the care spray is considerably more efficient.


Made in EU

The care spray is an EU-product by MagicBrush.


Natural care for a healthy horse.


MagicBrush - simply magic - simply bright!


  • MagicBrush Care&Shine: The natural care spray free of silicones
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Suitable for all types of horse hair
  • Makes brushing easy, loosens knots
  • Care of horse hair and a naturally silky shine
  • Dust- and dirt-repellent
  • With nourishing vitamin B complex for strength and increased blood circulation
  • Additional vitamin B6 complex prevents inflammation and ensures healthy skin
  • Care&Shine contains no silicones
  • 360° spray bottle for easy and efficient application
  • Very low spraying sound and extra-fine spraying mist
  • Can be used with sensitive horses
  • Long-lasting thanks to new spry nozzle technology
  • Made in EU


MagicBrush Care&Shine Care Spray

The efficient & natural horse care spray for mane, tail and fur



Shake well before use. Spray on evenly, leave to dry/take effect for 5 minutes, then brush out with MagicBrush. Do not use on places upon which straps rest. Please test the product for compatibility prior to the first use to avoid allergic reactions.


Please note:

Only for external use. Store care product in a cool and dry environment and protect against direct sunlight. Store safely out of the reach of small children. Bring completely emptied bottles to be recycled.


Made in EU


Natural care for a healthy horse.




MagicBrush - simply magic - simply bright!

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