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Neue Schule Turtle Tactio with Flex Jumper

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Neue Schule Turtle Tactio with Flex Jumper has a 16mm mouthpiece thickness

Turtle Tactio™ with Flex - Specifically engineered to accommodate the larger or sensitive tongue.  Often negates the need to shut the mouth.

FlexT Jumper - A showjumping favourite that sits them on their hocks and helps make tight turns. Designed for extra control, outline and much more help with straightness and turning. Often the answer for the very enthusiastic horse with a sensitive mouth that may even be prone to rubs, chafing etc. A curb strap may be employed on the top ring for extra control. Often used as a flat work training tool on the main ring to mimic the Baucher.

For more information on the Turtle Tactio and information on the differences between the Turtle Tactio and the Turtle Top click here


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