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Woof Wear Mud Fever Turnout Boot - WB0064

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Woof Wear Mud Fever Turnout Boot - WB0064

The Woof Wear Mud Fever Boots are an innovative breathable boot which seals the leg from the knee to the base of the heel to prevent mud getting onto your horse’s legs, enabling freedom of turnout whatever the conditions.

Featuring a waterproof and breathable fabric around the cannon bone to prevent overheating and a close fitting hoof capsule with Kevlar reinforced heel protection, these innovative boots will keep legs clean and dry. A shaped PU strike pad also offers brushing protection for your horse’s legs. 

Some useful tips to remember when dealing with mud fever:

  • Never scratch the scabs, this can lead to further infection  
  • Use a mild anti-bacterial shampoo for cleansing and then ensure the leg is as dry as possible before applying any appropriate creams for healing over night
  • Clean your grooming brushes regularly as they can harbour bacteria if not kept clean
  • Don’t use dirty horse boots it can cause unnecessary and totally avoidable rubs 
  • Don’t share horse boots, this is to help prevent the spread of any bacteria or other nasties
  • Wash your own hands after cleaning any mud fever infected area, we recommend using gloves where possible


Fully breathable boot designed to encourage cool air to circulate
Creates a protective barrier from below the knee
Abrasion resistant Kevlar® to protect the delicate bulbs of the heels
Suitable for front and hind legs
Machine washable at 30 degrees


1. My horse is prone to mud fever – how can this boot prevent it?

The Mud Fever Turnout Boot is breathable and waterproof, preventing mud from coming into contact with the skin.

Mud fever is caused by a range of bacteria present in Mud, which thrive in warm moist environments. 

The Mud Fever Turnout Boot works by:

a. Preventing bacteria-laden mud from coming into contact with the skin

b. Allowing the skin to stay cool and dry under the boot – preventing bacteria from multiplying

2. How does the Woof Wear Mud Fever turnout boot differ from other turnout boots on the market?

Woof Wear’s Mud Fever Turnout boot is uniquely Waterproof AND Breathable and has snug fitting cuffs to prevent ingress of mud.

3. My horse has mud fever now, will these boots be suitable?

The Mud Fever Turnout boot is designed as a preventative aid, but, with veterinary guidance, this boot can be used with horses who have developed mild mud fever to stop it getting any worse. 

4. How long can my horse wear them for?

The mud fever boot saves you time and effort as well as keeping mud at bay!  They’re breathable meaning you only need to remove the boots during your daily maintenance checks, if all is well pop them back on again. 

5. Do my horses legs need to be clean before I put the boots on?

Remove all mud and bedding from your horse’s legs before fitting. The mud fever boot provides a snug fit to keep the mud out so make sure that there is nothing in the way which is likely to irritate your horse’s skin under the boot.

6. Is it ok to put damp boots back on the horse?

Best practice is to fit dry boots only. These quick drying boots mean you can ensure they are dry before putting them back on your horse after washing them.

7. How do I look after my boots? 

Clean debris from the hook and loop material, close straps before putting in the machine and wash on a 30 degrees centigrade programme with non-bio powder. Closing the hook and loop straps when not in use will help prevent debris getting caught up in them. 

8. My horse has scabs on his legs, is this mud fever?

If you’re not sure, check with your vet to be on the safe side. 

9. Can my horse wear them in the stable?

Yes they are fine for use in the stable. As an alternative option why not check out the Woof Wear Stable Boots. The wicking liners will dry the legs off if necessary whilst the Bio Ceramic liners will provide all the benefits or far infrared.

10. Are they front and hind specific

These versatile boots are suitable for front or hind legs – check our sizing guide for more information

11. Do they offer any protection from brushing?

There is a degree of protection offered by the strike pad, but if your horse brushes heavily then this boot is not suitable. 

12. Do they offer any protection from overreaching?

There is a degree of protection offered by the lower Kevlar section of the boot, but if your horse is a serial overreacher then we suggest you fit an overreach boot over the top of the Mud Fever Boot.

13. Can these boots be used for photosensitivity problems? 

If you are unsure, check with your vet before using them for this issue. However the very fact that they will cover the skin and block out UV rays mean they will certainly be helpful if required. 




  1. Open boot completely

  2. Put it around the leg and do up the top strap securely ensuring the vertical hook and loop section is located down the front of the leg

  3. Adjust the neoprene around the hoof to ensure the bulbs of the heel are covered. Pull tightly and overlap the hook and loop on the neoprene. When satisfied with the fit, smooth over the top securing straps. Then close the hook and loop strip down the front of the cannon bone

  4. Lastly, adjust the middle strap so that the material is gathered neatly but not tight against the leg. The purpose of this strap is to hold the excess material close to the leg, it is not a support strap for the boot.


NOTE: It is important that the neoprene around the hoof overlaps fully so the hook and loop fixture is locked in place over a large surface area. If this is not the case we recommend going up a size. 

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Can I use these on the back legs too,? would you recommend a size up from the back to the front? Thanks

Yes these can be used on hind and front legs.  If you click the Size guide link on the product page it will show suggested size based on horse type and size


What size pony would a small fit please

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