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Weighty Issues

Weighty Issues

As grass growth reaches it’s spring peak, owners of good do-ers know the struggle of maintaining that healthy weight. Studies show over half of our horses and ponies are overweight, or worse, and that figure is likely to be higher still in key populations like native ponies. Carrying excess weight not only increases the risk of dangerous metabolic conditions, but will have broad ranging implications on joint strength, speed, stamina and even behaviour. So how do owners help their equines maintain a healthy weight, when some appear to live on fresh air?!

27 days ago
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Why are electrolytes so important

Why are electrolytes so important

Electrolytes are needed for almost all bodily functions. TThe five major electrolytes: sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium and magnesium; are key nutrients required for nerve and muscle function, maintenance of normal hydration and normal function of the digestive system, kidneys, lungs and heart. Sub-optimal electrolyte intake can lead to muscle problems and poor performance, therefore horses in work require extra electrolytes to replace those lost in sweat, faeces and urine. Many electrolytes exist as mixtures of more than one electrolyte. For example, sodium chloride is more commonly known as table salt.

2 months ago
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Is boot testing important? We asked Equilibrium

Boots are safety equipment

As riders, we protect our most vital areas (head and torso) with riding hats, body protectors and more recently air jackets. Rider protective equipment is subjected to extensive testing to meet standards and regulations and we believe that as a vital part of your horse, protective boots for your horse’s legs should undergo a similar testing process.

2 months ago
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Heat and Massage for Horse Riders

Heat and Massage for Horse Riders

We take a look into the benefits of massage for horse riders, used alongside heat, to target the four main areas horse riders tend to commonly suffer with Hannah Donnelly, Chartered Physiotherapist BSc (Hons).

The benefits of massage for horse riders.

Massage has been used by therapists for thousands of years. Evidence suggests it is beneficial for a variety of musculoskeletal and health conditions such as:

  • Lower back pain (Furlan, 2017).
  • Neck and shoulder pain (Kong, 2013).
  • Pain from osteoarthritis (Cortés Godoy, 2014).
  • Headaches (Happe, 2016) and much more.

The extra physical benefits of massage include:

  • Reducing excessive post-exercise muscle tone.
  • Increasing range of motion.
  • Increasing circulation and nutrition to damaged tissue.
  • Deactivating symptomatic trigger points (Brukner and Kahn, 2012).
  • There is also evidence to support the treatment of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). The muscle soreness and stiffness we experience the day or two after we have exercised.
2 months ago
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What is the best rug for a rainy summer day?

What is the best rug for a rainy summer day?

The temperature is rising, but the rain is still falling!

In true British summer fashion, it is impossible to have the sun without rain. But how do you keep your horse comfortable in warm wet weather?

The answer is simple... a rain sheet.

A rain sheet is a turnout rug with 0g of filling. They keep your horse dry and shielded from the rain without trapping any heat. Breathable linings ensure your horse remains comfortable even as the temperature warms up.

3 months ago
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Do I need a Therapy Rug

Do I need a Therapy Rug

Do I need a Therapy rug? I was recently chatting to a lady who specifically wanted a WeatherBeeta rug that had fully adjustable front closures, a wither relief padand the freedom system. I gave her the two available options:

-The WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Ultra Cozi

-The WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Premier with Therapy-Tec

3 months ago
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Fly Sprays - Myth Buster in association with Carr Day Martin

As the days get longer and warmer, what is the one thing that ruins summer? FLIES! Whether you are going on a hack or just spending some extra time with your horse, flies have to come along and interrupt the fun. So we reach for the fly spray to help us and our equines to keep them at bay. Yet so many myths about different ingredients and formulations exist, it can be hard to tell which is best.
Here are 3 myths busted on all things fly spray related. Hopefully, this can help you find the spray best suited to your needs.

3 months ago
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Fly Sprays for Horse and Pony, the Top Rated

Never fear, Discount Equestrian are here! As cheesy as that line is, we are genuinely here to help. We deal with the fly-offensive with our own horses too. Using our collective experiences and expertise, we’re going to help you make the right choice of weapon against the flies this summer season.

So, first thing’s first, you need to know what types of products are available, along with their pros and cons…

6 months ago
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Hunting, What is the Latest and the Must Have Kit

Hunting, What is the Latest and the Must Have Kit

In UK law, it is illegal to hunt foxes with a pack of dogs. However, drag hunting is proving to be a popular alternative, free from the controversy surrounding fox hunting. For those of you unfamiliar with drag hunting, here is some information about it…

10 months ago
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What are the types of Equestrian Competitions in the UK

Many of us at Discount Equestrian compete regularly in various disciplines at different levels. However, we’ve been chatting about levels in equestrian sporting events and that led to some great discussions about the accessibility of this information. For instance, if you’re interested in finding out the levels of competition involved in a new discipline with your horse, would you know where to find that information? Sometimes, internet searches are fruitless and discourage us from further research. If you’re like some of us and wish to have a go at something new with your noble steed, we hope this will help!

11 months ago
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