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Fly Sprays for Horse and Pony, the Top Rated

Never fear, Discount Equestrian are here! As cheesy as that line is, we are genuinely here to help. We deal with the fly-offensive with our own horses too. Using our collective experiences and expertise, we’re going to help you make the right choice of weapon against the flies this summer season.

So, first thing’s first, you need to know what types of products are available, along with their pros and cons…

1 month ago

What are the types of Equestrian Competitions in the UK

Many of us at Discount Equestrian compete regularly in various disciplines at different levels. However, we’ve been chatting about levels in equestrian sporting events and that led to some great discussions about the accessibility of this information. For instance, if you’re interested in finding out the levels of competition involved in a new discipline with your horse, would you know where to find that information? Sometimes, internet searches are fruitless and discourage us from further research. If you’re like some of us and wish to have a go at something new with your noble steed, we hope this will help!

6 months ago

Horse Feed - Hay verses Haylage

As with many aspects of horse ownership, the decision to feed hay or haylage has long been a subject of contention. We at Discount Equestrian are sharing the pros and cons of each type of forage, in the hope of helping you make the best decision for your horse. If you’re aware of any pros or cons of hay or haylage that aren’t included here, please let us know!

6 months ago

Advice on Breeding from your Horse

Producing our very own horse-of-a-lifetime is something many of us dream of doing someday. From the moment foal-season kicks off, we’re surrounded by lovely stories and super-cute images of beautiful foals frolicking with their mothers in luscious, knee-high, summer pasture. To be able to nurture a horse through every phase of their life’s journey is a wonderful notion.

6 months ago

Tips to Prevent Horses and Ponies Overheating!

As horse owners, we love the arrival of summer. Drier fields mean less mud, we can ride in sunshine instead of rain, and competition season is in full swing.

However, when temperatures soar, it isn’t fun for our horses. So, here at Discount Equestrian, we have compiled our top tips for beating the heat, so you and your horse can enjoy the summer safely…

7 months ago

Horse Rugs - Important Features to look out for

We’ve all been bamboozled by rug descriptions filled with fancy terminology, when all we want to do is find the best quality rug for our horse at a reasonable price. That is the reason we are writing this blog post. As a team of horse owners, we at Discount Equestrian want to ensure you find the perfect rug for your noble steed – without having to resort to hours of searching.

Whether you’re an experienced horse owner or searching for rugs for your first horse, this guide is for you.

9 months ago

Horse Boots verses Horse Bandages

At Discount Equestrian, we are divided as to whether boots or bandages are best. So, we decided to create a blog post that celebrates the positives and highlights the limitations of each type of leg protection. We’d love to find out your views on boots vs. bandages - please let us know what you think!

10 months ago

Essential items for Horse and Pony First Aid Kit

Horse ownership is wondrous and stressful in equal measure.

For all the magic our horses bring to our lives, they’re also experts at putting us through the ringer emotionally, physically, and financially!

10 months ago

Laminitis in Horse's and Ponies advice

There are many myths relating to laminitis, which is why sometimes – despite our best efforts – laminitis becomes an unfortunate reality for our horses.

At Discount Equestrian, we have all been affected by laminitis in one way or another. So, through this blog post, we hope to help you understand a little more about this devastating disease and how to prevent it.

10 months ago

Equitop Myoplast, the Muscle Supplement for Horses

As an official sponsor of British Showjumping – as well as being endorsed by the likes of Scott Brash, William Whitaker and vets alike – you may well be asking what Equitop Myoplast is?

We at Discount Equestrian are here to help!

2 years ago