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Acavallo Gel Out Seat Saver

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Seat Saver Size

Saddle Size


15 inch – 16 inch


16 inch – 17 inch


17.5 inch +

Acavallo Gel Out Seat Saver

Size A B C
Pony 39cm 31cm 6cm
Medium 46.5cm 33cm 10cm
Large 48cm 33cm 11cm

Please note all sizes given are approximate and in CM.

The Acavallo Gel Out Seat Saver is an innovative design providing security as well as comfort. The well known properties of Acavallo's therapeutic gel provide unique shock absorbing action and ensures more stability in the saddle. The unique design features prevent unnecessary movement to greatly reduce concussion in the lower back.

  • Helps give secure and stable seat
  • Minimises bouncing on a big mover
  • Improves control and safety on a naughty horse
  • Discrete and easy to fit to any saddle this Gel Seat Saver will help the rider stay secure whilst jumping & hacking, and help achieve a deep and stable seat for dressage.
  • Can be used under British Dressage rules
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Customer Questions
Is this the 10 or 20ml thickness and is it all brown

These are approx 10mm thick.

Is this for a GP or Dressage saddle?

This is for a gp / jump style saddle

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